Turn Off Personalized Menus

If you prefer to see the full menu instead of a short personalised menu in windows, then you can easily turn off the personalise feature rather than having to wait for a full menu to appear.

Turn off Personalized Start Menu

If your program menu is large, then using the personalised menus can make things simpler as you just see the items you usually use, but it can be easy to forget all the software you have installed. To get windows to always show the full start menu, click on the start button and then settings followed by taskbar and startmenu.

On the dialog box that should appear, turn off the tick against Use Personalised Menus and click ok to save the changes. You should now always see the full start menu every time.

If you want to turn on the personalised start menu again at a later time, just follow the same steps, but tick the Use Personalised Menus rather than removing the tick, and the shorter personalised menus should come back.

Turn off Personalized Menus in Microsoft Word, Excel etc

Showing the full menus in Word and Excel can make finding the menu items you are searching for much easier, as the full menus are not so big that they really benefit from hiding items.

Click on the tools menu, and the the customize menu item. You may need to wait while the full menu initially appears, or you can click on the double arrow to make the full menu temporarily appear. Now Click on the options tab on the dialog box that appeared, and unselect ( turn off the tick ) on the menus show recently used commands first item. Now click ok to save the changes.

If you want to turn the personalized menus back on at a later date, just follow the same steps, and tick the menus show recently used commands first checkbox instead.

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