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Latest in Support Diary

Windows won't power off the computer
You have just installed windows on your new computer, and when you tell it to shutdown, it doesn't turn off the computer, but just shows a screen saying, 'It is now safe to turn off your computer'. We explain why this happens and how to fix it. Updated - 22 Jan 2005

Latest Articles and Guides

Enable Shutdown without logging on
Enabling the shutdown button on the windows 2000 logon dialog is no longer a simple registry tweak, but requires changing the policy setting. Updated - 22 Jan 2005

XP Direct Cable to Linux
A not-so-hard guide to linking an XP box to a Linux box with a serial cable ( null modem ) using XP's direct cable connection. Updated - 9 Dec 2004

Turn Off Personalized Menus
If you prefer to see the full menu instead of a short personalised menu in windows, then you can easily turn off the personalise feature rather than having to wait for a full menu to appear. Updated - 24 Nov 2004

Printing two pages per sheet
Getting Microsoft Word to print two A5 pages on a sheet of A4 paper, can make great handouts or booklets and is much easier than you'd imagine. Updated - 24 Nov 2004

Solving common printer problems
There are a few common problems that account for the vast majority of printer problems, and can be solved without expensive trips to your local PC store offering support. Updated - 19 Nov 2004

Latest Windows News

Microsoft Releases Virtual Server 2005
Microsoft announced today the release of its virtual server software version 2005. Updated - 14 Sep 2004

Winzip Security Hole Found
A new exploit for winzip has been found, users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version Updated - 4 Sep 2004

Windows Longhorn due 2006
In order to meet their 2006 delivery for the next client version of windows, codenamed "Longhorn" Microsoft are triming features including the new Windows Storage Subsystem "WinFS". The server version of windows longhorn is due 2007. Updated - 27 Aug 2004

Winamp Skin Vulnerablility
A vulnerability in winamp skins has been found that allows malicious code to be run on a users computer. Updated - 25 Aug 2004

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP finally arrives
Microsft has finally started releasing service pack 2 for windows XP. It is available for download from their website of through Windows Update. Updated - 11 Aug 2004

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Delayed Again
Microsoft has announced that service pack 2 for windows XP will be further delayed. Updated - 6 Aug 2004

Internet Explorer Update MS04-025
Microsoft has released another cumulative update for Internet Explorer to patch a number of recent security issues. Updated - 31 Jul 2004

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