Using a Safer Browser

Internet Explorer may be the most common browser as it comes with windows, but it isn't necessarily the safest or best as there are a number of free alternatives.

Internet Explorer has suffered from a number a major security holes recently and has led many to look at the alternatives. Most of the alternatives offer more security and more features, that you could soon not want to live without.

The most common free alternatives are Firefox, Mozilla and Opera, and they all have different advantages which can make surfing the net safer and easier. Both Firefox and Mozilla are produced by the Mozilla Organization but are quite different, Firefox being a lean-mean browser, and Mozilla being a full internet suite of applications including web, email, newsgroup, IRC and html editing software all in one simple package.


Mozilla is much more than just a browser, as it includes email and newsgroup applications that can replace outlook express, an IRC client, and a simple HTML editor so you can build your own web pages.

Like most of the modern free browsers, Mozilla has tabbed browsing, integrated search and popup blocking, and supports plugins and themes to add even more features, and allow you to personalise how it looks.


Firefox is designed as a lean and fast browser with security in mind. It has a host of great features that make surfing much easier. Firefox also has a very simple to use interface which can be customised with themes, and plugins to add even more great features.


Opera is one of the fastest browsers available, and comes with email, newsgroup and IRC support built in. Like Firefox, it has tabbed browsing, integrated search and popup blocking.

Opera comes in two main versions, a free version which has a small block of ads next to the toolbar, and a pay version which has no adverts.

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