Removing Spyware

Removing spyware and malware from your computer can now be done more easily by using spyware removal software. Many people expect their anti-virus software to protect them from spyware and keyloggers, but anti-virus software is not designed to detect spyware as some spyware may have a legitimate use in a corporate environment to monitor what an employee gets up to.

More insidious is that some spyware will generate pop-ups advertising spyware removal software, that frequently contain even more spyware, so only use spyware removal software from trustworthy sources.

Recommended Software

The two top recommended spyware removal programs are ad-aware and spybot which are both available for free download. Unlike anti-virus software, because spyware removal software does not need to run all the time, but can be say once a day, it is often safer to scan your computer with both programs, just to be on the safe side.

What is Spyware
Spyware is often referred to as adware or malware and is often confused with viruses, but each has distinct characteristics. Updated - 3 Sep 2004

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What is Spyware

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